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Each hero has a passive effect that will empower your hero at the start of a match. See the Heroes tab for more details.

Players will earn silver (in-game currency) and experience (used to level up) for killing minions, towers and jungle monsters. The amount received is based off the level and type of enemy killed. The reward breakdown for these kills can be viewed below. The River Dragon will spawn at the 5 minute mark, and whoever kills it will earn their team an additional 10% movespeed, 10% damage, and 10% mana regeneration for the duration of the match. Note: It will only spawn one time!


Gunner Minion

+25 Silver

Plus an additional 2 silver for every gunner level.

+25 Experience

Plus an additional 25 experience for every gunner level).

Melee Minion

+25 Silver

Plus an additional 2 silver per minon level.

+25 Experience

Plus an additional 2 experience per minion level.


Coming Soon

Damaging a hero with an ability reduces the cooldown of your ultimate by 1 second.

Super Minions

Super Melee Minion

+40 Silver

Plus an additional 4 silver per minion level.

+40 Experience

Plus an additional 4 experience per super minion level.


Burst of Aggression

The next basic attack against an enemy hero Shreds 4.00-8.00% (based on level) Physical Armour for 5s. 20s cooldown.

Healing Bounty

Minion last hits Heal for 12 (6.00 for ranged heroes) health.



Permanently gain 4 Attack Speed. Gain 2 more Attack Speed for every 20 CS and 2 Attack Speed for every hero kill. Max of 20 total Attack Speed.


Gain 1.5-2.5% (based on level) of total Basic Attack Damage as Physical Power for every 10.00% of your missing Health.




Potions last 30.00% longer.


Your Heals and Shields increases the Attack speed of your targets by 15 for 3 seconds.


All-Seeing Eye

Increase Vision radius of wards by 25.00%.

Apparatus Proficiency

Gain 20% item active Cooldown Reduction.



Allies within 1800 units gain 8.00% of your Physical and Energy armour.

Protective Mana

25.00% of mana spent becomes a Shield for 3 seconds.




Gain 10.00% Endurance and Slow Resistance. Gain up to 20.00% more Endurance at 30.00% max health.

Pelt Collector

Minion kills grant adaptive power (0.075/0.125) and 1 Health. Stacks 200 times. Large & Epic monsters grant 3, lesser grant 2. At max stacks, gain 7.00% out of combat Move Speed.



Taking 10.00% of your max health in damage within 2s increases Physical and Energy armour by 30.00% for 3 seconds. Can only occur once every 30s.


Gain 6 Physical and Energy armor for 4s when hit by Crowd Control. Stacks up to 10 times. Duration refreshes on additional instances of Crowd Control.


Reactive Rejuvenation

After taking damage from an enemy hero, gain Health Regeneration equal to 0.6 (+0.50% of your missing health) for 10 seconds. Subsequent attacks refresh the duration.


Receive 2.00% of bonus health as Adaptive Power.



Mist Walker

Gain 12.00% bonus Movement Speed going through fog walls, decaying over 4 seconds.


While in enemy territory, gain (5.00-30.00) Physical Power based on level.



Destroying enemy ward reduces your active trinket cooldown by 50.00% and grants True Vision around the killer in a 1800 unit radius for 10 seconds.


Deal 8.00% additional damage to enemy heroes that have no allied heroes within 1500 units.



Damaging an enemy hero 3 times within 2s deals 20.00-160.00 (based on level) (+40.00% Physical Power and 25.00% Energy Power scaling)Physical or Energy damage (adaptive). 30s cooldown.


Your next basic attack deals bonus Physical Damage equal to 3.00-6.00% (50.00% less for ranged heroes) of the targets maximum health. 24s cooldown.