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  3. Zee @ Zee:
    I have transitioned the game to a 3D Shooter MOBA. It's the same concept, still has all the same features as a MOBA but with guns. There will 100% be an alpha version of the game available to download from Steam before the end of this month.
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    Discord link is here:
  5. Zee @ Zee:
    Working on building out the clan system currently. I'm trying to avoid a release where obvious bugs aren't taken care of - even though it's still going to be early access.
  6. Necronius @ Necronius:
    Is the game ready for download yet?
  7. Guest:
    Not ready for download yet sorry
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    how do I download the game? steam doesn't show download button
  10. Hulk Agiota @ Hulk Agiota:
    hi can i get a closed beta key? for me and my 5 friends that want to play your game
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  12. Zee @ Zee:
    as of this moment the first alpha version of the game is complete. server is built, going to build the client and I'll post an alpha version of the game on the site tomorrow night
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    Need a pic
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    @Zee hmm
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    hello testing